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From homegrown talent to recruited laterals to professional staff, we welcome individuals who want to be part of a team that fosters and encourages high-quality client service, professional and personal development, mutual respect and work-life balance. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

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Great people.
Great work.
Great results.

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Grow and thrive
at Davis Malm.

When Hal Davis, Michael Malm and Julian D’Agostine opened the doors to Davis Malm in 1979, they envisioned a law firm that combined the best aspects of small and large practices. They attracted the finest attorneys from larger firms and state and federal agencies. They hired young, talented associates and gave them the opportunity for growth and development. And Davis Malm evolved from a boutique real estate firm into a full-service business law firm. Today, the firm still encompasses the vision of its founders and continues to grow and thrive with a unique culture.

Our core principles are...

  • A commitment to excellence
  • An objective and transparent shareholder compensation formula
  • A democratic system of internal governance
  • Encouragement of shareholder independence, entrepreneurship and teamwork
  • Prudent financial management

Life at Davis Malm.

Lateral Shareholders

We are always on the lookout for lateral shareholder-level attorneys to complement our team.
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We provide the professional development opportunities, experienced mentors and a platform to help you succeed.
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We’re committed to helping exceptional talent grow through our internship programs.
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We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Get in touch.

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