On May 7, 2020, Dave Powsner moderated a panel for MIT Enterprise Forum’s (MITEF) Connected Things 2020: WFH Edition. The panel, “IoT, Big Data, AI and…What?…the Feds?,” discussed the competitive advantages and dangers of IoT, Big Data and AI, and whether now is the time for federal intervention in companies that harness them. MITEF’s Connected Things 2020: WFH Edition is a prelude to Connected Things 2020, which is expected to be held at the MIT Media Lab on September 14, 2020. View the recording of the panel discussion, and other sessions from the event, here.

The MITEF is a global, nonprofit organization of dedicated professionals, affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through MIT Technology Review based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Connected Things is their annual conference that gathers corporate and startup leaders to focus on the value and potential of IoT, AI and machine learning.

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