On February 9, 2018, Davis Malm shareholders Josh Grossman and Gary Matsko presented at the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) 17th Annual Business Litigation Conference.

Josh returned for the second year as co-chair of the conference. Gary’s panel, “Unexpected Liabilities and Exposures,” discussed unforeseen issues, including the role of the de facto merger doctrine in the sale of corporate assets, provide insight into how courts apply the de facto merger doctrine to avoid unfairness to stockholders or creditors, and analyze the conditions that may be imposed to avoid possible application of the doctrine. Panelists also explored how third parties may be held accountable for fiduciary breaches and for 93A, and how attorneys can be liable to minority shareholders for assisting the majority in minority freeze-outs.

MCLE aims to keep raising the caliber of lawyers’ professional and ethical service to their clients and communities, by providing comprehensive and practical continuing legal education of the highest quality to the broadest possible audience. The 17th Annual Business Litigation Conference features expert practitioners who will provide attendees with the latest developments in the business litigation sector, and important insights on the rapidly evolving landscape of unexpected liabilities and exposures, as well as valuable expert tips on tried-and-true damage theories.

For more information contact: Joanne Thorud; (617) 589-3894; jthorud@davismalm.com

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