Sam Mawn-Mahlau, a corporate lawyer at Davis Malm, counseled Medicalis, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare information technology, in negotiating an agreement to integrate Medicalis’ Clinical Decision Support for Diagnostic Imaging with GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ Imaging IT and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) products. GE Healthcare is a $17 billion unit of General Electric Company. 

Sam has represented Medicalis since its formation in 2000. The company is a leading provider of Clinical Decision Support for Diagnostic Imaging (CDS-DI). This technology, based on clinical guidelines of the major American medical experts in imaging procedures, helps physicians enhance the quality of patient care by ensuring that the right imaging study is ordered the first time. Thus, while the physician always retains decision-making authority, Medicalis provides additional expertise that may not only reduce imaging costs but may also reduce radiation exposure and increase quality outcomes.

GE Healthcare provides medical facilities with information technology to document patient visits and allows providers to exchange clinical data with others securely. GE Healthcare also provides information technology to analyze x-ray and other imaging studies, and to capture, store, and retrieve imaging data.

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